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New FT-8 Digital Mode — 5 Comments

  1. Just received confirmation from HI8PLE for a FT8 contact. wait for it…
    I was using a G5RV and 25 watts.

    I’m glad at least eQSL is accepting FT8 contacts. I had to make a tweak to my logging program (CQRlog) to get it to recognize them.
    I have been keeping a copy of all FT8 qso’s in a separate folder. Once LOTW recognizes them, I’ll upload them all at once.

    73, Dave

  2. Just checked and I have 213 FT8 contacts since I started the end of July.
    I’m not setup for 6 meters (project??) But I have made contacts on 10, 15->160.
    I have 3 Q’s on 160 and don’t have a 160 antenna. 🙂

    Is the club station setup for digital? Might be fun to demo FT8 after a club meeting.


  3. I guess I missed it that LOTW now accepts FT8!.
    After I signed and uploaded the files, I download the confirmations into my logbook.
    191 out of the 213 are now confirmed. Woo Hoo.

  4. I have playing a little radio over the holiday. I have been working FT8 pretty exclusively.
    I just noticed that my logbook shows I have 12,000 Q’s (29 years in the making).
    I then sifted out the FT8 Q’s and I have 524 at this time.
    I found an interesting on-line program to analyze the log. It’s called Q-Scope. https://qscope.org
    I will play with it and report back.

    73, Dave

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